Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is a technique through which you can achieve higher ranking on any…

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Social media is the platform where a large number of people can interact with each other independent of the location of…

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In PPC service, we pay a fee to search engine sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo for focusing the Website at the top of the page…

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About Us

Projectile towards full customer satisfaction with our services


SEO Company Services India is a Digital Marketing firm founded in January 2011 based in Noida, help businesses, Enterprises, Start Ups to grow their business online to get better ROI. SEO Company Services India is a full-service agency for different requirements like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay-Per Click (PPC). Apart from the digital marketing we also help our clients through Website Design & Development, Mobile App Development and Responsive Designs in HTML5. We also have strong presence in US, Singapore and Australia. If you are looking for an agency which can make you stand different from your competitors then we are the best option.


To deliver high impact result for endless project.

Delivering services like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay- Per Click Management with highest value for money to our clients having any level of businesses.


At SEO Company Services India, we utilize people, resources and technology through which we assist our clients in achieving success in their online businesses. For fulfilling the requirements of our clients in India and overseas we have elite team of dedicated and talented professionals with various skills.


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We are experts in these services and we use the best tool in executing them.




We direct your business website towards extraordinary ranking through our expertise in SEO.

SMO- Social Media Optimization

By coping up continuously with the latest trend we bring the fame to your business site on all social media platforms.

PPC - Pay per Click Services

We have the key of luring only the right audience to your site through our dazzling Ad campaigns to increase your ROI.

Responsive Design in HTML 5

With the use of latest technology your experts give a tremendous design to your site for gaining high ranking and ultimately ROI.

Mobile App Development

Presenting yourself through application plays a vital role in getting more customers, give us a chance we will develop you the very attractive mobile application

Website Design and Development

Designing site is easy but attracting customers to your site takes more than just designing and we have the skill set to do it.

Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm

What is Google’s mobile friendly algorithm update for sites?

Most of the internet users today, access sites on their mobile devices, while website designers generally create websites compatible for desktops. This becomes a problem for mobile device users as these sites don’t provide enough clarity when accessed on them. The major problems people faces are like texts too small to read, close placement of links and some others which degrades the quality of the site. In order to get rid of these problems, Google rolled out a new algorithm. The new algorithm update focuses on mobile friendly sites so that in mobile search results it improves the ranking of the pages that are mobile friendly. The prime target of this update is to make all the sites mobile-friendly. This update is for all languages that Google provides for searching globally. Google also announced in this update that this algorithm will be applied only to individual pages, not the entire website.Still the content of the site plays a very important role in ranking. In this update Google will give the priority to the page which is having best content for user’s query independent of the page’s mobile-friendliness. There are many tools Google is providing through which we can check whether our website is mobile-friendly or not which are specified

Mobile-Friendly Test – In here, by entering your website’s URL you will get result either “mobile- friendly” or “not mobile -friendly”. If you get “mobile-friendly” then you are good to go but if you’re getting “not mobile-friendly” then in that case Google talks out about the things your site is missing like:

a) Contents too large to fit the screen

b) Links spaced too near

c) Text too small to read

d) Mobile viewport not set

Webmaster Tools – In this tool you can check the status of your entire site through the mobile usability report.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site then we can help you in making your site mobile-friendly with respect to different platforms.
Get quote for : Website Design & Development

How is it possible to rank your website high on the search engines?
–Through effective and smart SEO (search engine optimisation) technique your website gets top visibility on the search engine result pages through organic results and for this your company need to hire a leading SEO company India which will offer your website more traffic.
For this you can search for top SEO Indiaservices on the search engines and you will get best results showing the list of top SEO services Indiafor your company website. SEO services include two parts that is ‘on-page optimization’ and ‘off-page optimization’. With the help of these two technique, SEO company services India make sure your site ranks well on SERPs and gets more organic traffic.

SEO Company services India – Known in the top SEO India firm
– We are always committed to provide best services to our clients giving them more satisfaction and that’s why we are recognized in the top SEO India services. We have highly professional team to provide you excellent SEO services to fulfil your business needs which helps to achieve your company goals effectively.
Being a professional SEO India firm, We don’t just help to make you visible on the top on SERPs among your competitors but we help boosting your website excellence with range of services such as content development, web development etc.

Pricing Table

We offer the most reasonable and easy to-fit-in budget pricing, as follows


Client Testimonials

Our SEO services India have served many Startups, businesses and corporate Clients looking to get the best ROI with startegic marketing metrics.

Our Client

Here are few clients of our SEO Company India, had a great experience working with them.

SEO Articles

SEO India:
In this era of Internet, a wise presence on internet is really very important for any Business to grow. People are very dependent on Internet Technology; they use it for everything from buying Shoes to Hat. For any business, there are a lot of competitors already present in the online market, to stand out from the competitors requires a real hard work and patience for any new business owner. We SEO India can do all your hard work and will help you in achieving your goal of successful business.
With the use of latest tools and techniques, we SEO India, make your site search engine friendly and help you in getting higher ranking on search engines. Our experts with complete knowledge about all search engines regulations will make your website visible and appealing to the target audience. We SEO India, assists our clients anytime 24*7 till their full and complete satisfaction.

SEO Services India:
Today for any Online business owner it is very important to have a site which has a high ranking. But it is difficult to achieve high ranking in this world of tuff competition. An online business is mainly built on the content of the site and it’s ranking as because higher the ranking more will be the audience. To build and maintain such a valuable position of any business site, SEO services India are the best pathway.
We SEO Company India, known for our expertise in SEO Services, give best services in making any business a major hit among other opponents. We SEO Company India, have the most knowledgeable and highly sophisticated team of specialists who can go out of limit for achieving high class rankings. Believe in us we are reputable SEO Services India, will help you in attracting the most important customers to your business.

SEO Company India:
In India, there are a number of companies providing SEO Services, but only few of them are experts. If you are a business owner and thinking about hiring a SEO Company in India then approach to us and let all your worries about business growth go.
Our focus is mainly on improving client’s business site ranking and ultimately the ROI. What makes us different in SEO Services from other SEO Companies in India is that we provide cost effective services to our clients and assist them whenever they want through any means. We provide daily, monthly, weekly reports of progress and after analyzing them we continue our improvement on ranking enhancement strategies.Our SEO Experts, have full knowledge and experience about what keywords to use and where, so that the site don’t get any penalties from Search engines and make its place at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

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