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Hummingbird Update

Google has introduced a new search algorithm “Hummingbird” in order to provide search results in more natural ways. Google asserts that Google Hummingbird algorithm will prove to be a much user-friendly than its previous algorithm. It is just an upgraded version of Google’s previous algorithms Panda and Penguin and just named after a bird. On Hummingbird Algorithm, Senior Vice President of Google Mr. Amit Singhal and a well-known programmer Matt Cutts said that this new algorithm affects almost 90% of search queries sent in to Google. This is a significant update made by Google with the objective of providing most relevant results on searches.

Hummingbird algorithm is more focused on semantic searches unlike previous algorithms. Since users started entering complete questions and sentence so it became imperative for Google to generate search results according to the queries and this was the reason of biggest upgrade in Google’s history. Trend of using small keywords has now changed into putting in big and complete sentences to get more accurate results. In other words, we can relate Hummingbird with “conversational search”, means algorithm to come up with the results for sentences we generally speak and question we usually asks from friends or teachers in place of small keywords.

Now the question arises, “Does Google Hummingbird Algorithm affects SEO?” And the answer is “Of-course”. Companies providing SEO services are advised to change strategies and to upgrade tools for SEO campaigning. It is recommended to all SEO firms to adapt the new Google Hummingbird Algorithm and strategically plan their SEO process under the standard guidelines of algorithm. Google Hummingbird algorithm has a major impact on content marketing; guidelines are now much heavier and strictly need to be followed. Content must be unique, relevant to the searches and keywords and most chiefly content should be like an answer for questions like why, where, who Etc.

SEO is still very crucial for websites to get ranked and for success of a business, so best-quality content which includes blogs, articles, PRs etc is the necessity of time. Since Google has launched its new search algorithm, business owners now need to choose their SEOs very carefully. SEO Company Services India is among top listed SEO providers and has significant experience in conducting SEO campaigns with the utilization of contemporary tools and techniques. Expert SEO professionals of SEO Company Services India have acclimated the new algorithm and have started working with new strategies and techniques.

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